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LG Special

This type of staircase enables a high design variability.

Dimensional series (outer diameter of staircase): 1400, 1500, 1600 to 2700 mm with module 100 mm.

The top surface of stair treads and landings is made up of gratings from the wide production range of Lichtgitter CZ.

The staircase is comprised of

Spirálové schodiště " LG Speciál"


At assembly, stair treads and landings are slid with tube rings on the anchored central tube. Railing segments are fastened to the stair treads and landings by screwed joints. The exit landings are anchored to the building structure.



Type of staircase stepping surfaces

Type 1 Grating with mesh 33x33
Basic type
Typ 1 - rošt s okem 33x33 - základní typ

Type 2 Grating with mesh 33x33
Anti-slip type No. 31

Typ 2 - rošt s okem 33x33 - protiskluzové provedení č. 31



Type 3 Grating with mesh 33x11

Typ 3 - rošt s okem 33x11

Type 4 Grating with mesh 33x11
Anti-slip type No. 32


Typ 4 - rošt s okem 33x11 - protiskluzové provedení č. 32



Type 5 Atypical design - stepping surface with tear-like sheet

Typ 5 - atypické provedení - nášlapná plocha se slzičkovým plechem



Railing types

Type A - basic

Typ A-základní

Type B1


 Typ B1


Type B2

Typ B2

Type B3

Typ B3


Type C

Typ C

Type D

Typ D


Type E

Typ E



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Forge-welded gratings, pressure-locked gratings, stair treads, perforated metal planks, spiral staircases, GRP gratings and ladder rungs. Various material variants (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) with various surface finishes.
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