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» Forge-welded gratings - SP
» Pressure-locked gratings - P
» Perforated metal planks - B
» GRP gratings
» Stair treads
» Spiral staircases
» Other products
» Forge-welded gratings SP
» Pressure-locked gratings P
» Perforated metal planks B
» Spiral staircases
» GRP gratings
» Architectural elements
» Walkways
» Shelf Gratings
» Observation towers
» Staircases
» Sonnenschutz
» Special Applications
» Stands
» Transformer coverings
» Covering of facades
Forge-welded gratings - SP
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Pressure-locked gratings - P
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Perforated metal planks - B
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GRP gratings
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Stair treads
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Spiral staircases
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Other products
Lichtgitter CZ spol. s r. o., a Czech manufacturer of floor gratings, is a 100% subsidiary of the German company Lichtgitter GmbH based in Stadtlohn. The offer Lichtgitter series includes running and travel, welded and pressed gratings, metal planks, strings, spiral staircases, and ladder steps. Depending on the application, individual types may be made in various material variants (steel, high-grade steel, aluminium) with various surface finishes.
Lichtgitter gratings have miscellaneous utilizations and have a wide application in various industrial sectors. They are used in the chemical industry, power plants and heating plants, in the automotive industry, food industry, parking buildings (garages), oil rigs, in the construction of ships, etc.
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Forge-welded gratings, pressure-locked gratings, stair treads, perforated metal planks, spiral staircases, GRP gratings and ladder rungs. Various material variants (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) with various surface finishes.
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