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Forge-welded gratings - SP
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Perforated metal planks - B
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Pressure-locked gratings - P

As early as since the beginning of the 1960s, Lichtgitter, using a continuously improving technology, has been supplying its customers with thousands of square metres of pressure-locked floor gratings. Apart from their common use in industry and civil engineering, these gratings appear also as elements of building facades, for covering convectors and air-conditioning equipment, ceilings in interiors, etc. Pressure-locked gratings are made and supplied in the types of steel, stainless steel, aluminium.

Construction principle

Spacing bars are pressed, at a high pressure (up to 20000 kN), into bearing bars with prepared conical or other shaped grooves. The high pressure force and the special shape treatment of grooves in the bearing bar guarantee a strong, torsion stress resistant structure of grating owing to which loading is distributed favourably and, if necessary, additional minor cut-out may be made at the construction site without significantly impairing the load capacity of the grating.

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Manufacturing programme - Manufacture according to DIN 24 537-1


Steel S235 JR (acc. to EN 10025-2: 2004), S355J2+N; stainless steel X5CrNi18-10/ 1.4301, X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2/ 1.4571; aluminium AlMg3G22, AlMg1F15.

Manufacture dimensions

Pressure-locked gratings are made in a wide range of dimensional variants of bearing and spacing bars in such a way that the optimum type of grating can be supplied. Gratings are made to measure; the standard dimension in the direction of spacing bars (grating width) is 1400 mm, the maximum dimension in the case of machine edging (more advantageous) is 1600 mm, in the case of manual edging up to 1750 mm. The maximum length of grating (plate) is 3000 mm.


The axial pitches of bearing bars and spacing bars - mesh dimension

Standard range
Bearing bar height Bearing bar thickness
[mm] 2 mm 3 mm
20 o o
25 o o
30 o o
40 o o

Mesh dimension
Bearing bar pitch Spacing bar pitch
22.22 mm
33.33 mm
44.44 mm
66.66 mm
11.11 mm
22.22 mm
33.33 mm
44.44 mm
66.66 mm
25.00 mm
50.00 mm

Values acc. to DIN 24531-1 are in bold.
Other heights, thickness (up to approx. 200x10 mm) and mesh pitches on demand.

Additional manufacturing programme

Full gratings (the same height of both the bearing and spacing bars), heavy-duty gratings, covering of drainage canals, convectors, facade gratings, sun breakers, etc.


Pressure-locked gratings with bearing bars 20 x 2 mm to 40 x 3 mm are edged with common strap steel or special profiled strap steel Lichtgitter. If the dimensions of the bearing bar exceeds 40 x 3 mm, the grating is only edged with strap steel.

Anti-slip types

For the normal conditions of using floor gratings, the anti-slip properties of standard forge-welded SP or pressure-locked P gratings are sufficient. For environments with an occurrence of oils, ice or other impurities increasing the slip hazard and when using gratings on inclined foot bridges it is necessary to use gratings with anti-slip design. The anti-slip design consists in a special shape finish of bearing or spacing bars. Lichtgitter offers several types of the anti-slip design of gratings for various applications.

Anti-slip type designation

The anti-slip types of pressure-locked gratings are designated with the upper-case letter X before the designation of individual types.
Designation (for example): XP 330-33-3, No. 3.
For pressure-locked XP gratings at the standard pitch of 33.33, anti-slip type No. 3 - on both the bearing and spacing bars - is supplied.

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Forge-welded gratings, pressure-locked gratings, stair treads, perforated metal planks, spiral staircases, GRP gratings and ladder rungs. Various material variants (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) with various surface finishes.
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