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Spiral staircases

Spiral staircases are used as auxiliary staircases, the advantage of which is a small ground area. Staircases are supplied as a modular system.

Spirálová schodiště

Lichtgitter's range includes staircases of two types:
  • "LG Special"
  • "LG Standard"
Both types are are characterized by an easy installation which is performed according to the supplied technical documentation.

The staircase is dimensioned to a surface load of 3.5 kN/m2 or individual load 1.5 kN concentrated into the load area of 100x100 mm located at the walkway edge, 100 mm from the outside edge of the stair tread.

Staircase structural material:

  • steel S 235 JR

Staircase surface finish:

  • galvanizing acc. to CSN EN ISO 1461

Data specification for spiral staircases

Staircase type(D) "LG Standard"
"LG Special"
Staircase diameter (D) .... mm  
Total height of staircase (H) .... mm  
Rise (s) .... mm  
Riling height (Hz) .... mm  
Number of stair treads   .... pcs
Landing size .... mm .... pcs
Half-landing size .... mm .... pcs
Gross height – finished floor (B) .... mm  
Grating type ....  


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Forge-welded gratings, pressure-locked gratings, stair treads, perforated metal planks, spiral staircases, GRP gratings and ladder rungs. Various material variants (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) with various surface finishes.
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